Holly is a military-brat-who-never-lived-anyplace-for-very-long turned local after marrying her born-and-raised-in-Colorado husband.  Together they are raising, home schooling and trying to keep alive five kids–picture educational field trips to the zoo where Holly gets sprayed by a bengal tiger.  No joke.  These kinds of things happen regularly!

Culture shock was Holly’s childhood, moving from Taiwan to Norway to England to Turkey to Germany and back to Turkey again, establishing in her a love for travel and for different people and for outdoor cafes and castles sitting in the middle of the sea.  Holly is a writer, her stories sprouting directly out of her life experiences, giving voice to an Old Order Mennonite girl solving mysteries in the middle of Indiana farmland and a young woman returning to Turkey to find closure from her past.  Holly has ghost written, non-ghost written and for-a-publishing-company written, winning multiple awards including the “Writer of the Year” award at Good Catch Publishing.  She has a heart to inspire kids of all ages to develop a love for creative writing and to hyphenate as many words as possible.