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The Orphan Maker’s Sin

Fifteen years have passed since a car bomb blew up seven-year-old 
Ella’s father. One minute her daddy was there. The next? He disappeared, leaving only a charred shell of a vehicle and a burnt hubcap clacking down a Turkish street. Gone. As if he never existed at all. 
The percussion of her father’s violent death still ricochets in the present. Ella yearns for closure and peace from the emotional shrapnel embedded in her heart. Drawn back to Turkey—a place she swore she left behind—Ella seeks to solve the mystery of who killed her father—and why.
When she meets Murat, a handsome Turkish man, she almost hopes for a new beginning—until she discovers family secrets that torture Murat and shake Ella to her core. Will the war in her soul close her heart to receive or give love—or forgiveness?
Ella faces two choices. Stay anchored to a bitter past or seek a new ending. Can Ella move past old wounds? Or, is the damage too shattering, making healing impossible?


The Middlebury Mystery Series

Root Cellar Final Cover


RELEASED!  Book 1, The Root Cellar Mystery: Late one night, Poppy and her cousin Sadie, two Old Order Mennonite girls, spot an elderly woman snooping around the root cellar. While seeking to unravel her mysterious behavior, Poppy helps out at her aunt’s bed and breakfast where the suspicious guest stays. Can Poppy and Sadie discover what this stranger is up to?



Coming soon… Book 2, The Key in the Wall Mystery: Poppy and Sadie find another mystery while cleaning out the guest house at Sadie’s mom’s bed and breakfast. They discover a key hidden inside the wall. If they discover what the key opens, will they find treasure or only more questions?

And then… Book 3, The Covered Bridge Mystery: Poppy and Sadie feel it’s their duty to find the thief stashing the items at the covered bridge. Can the girls discover the identity of the person responsible for stealing from their Mammi and Grossdaadi’s while ensuring the safety of their grandparents?


Unleash the Pen! Writing Outside the Lines

A Tween & Teen Multi-Genre, Creative Writing Curriculum

This creative writing curriculum allows your student to dive deeply into a subject while experimenting with a wide variety of writing genres and unique writing assignments.  From writing a eulogy, to a wanted poster, leap into this fun writing adventure and re-instill a love for writing in your student!