Writing Coaching & Content Editing Services

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*  Do you dream of writing a novel, memoir or non-fiction book, but need help writing in a compelling way that reaches readers?

*  Have you written your first draft, but feel overwhelmed by the revision process?

*  Have you hit a wall, lost confidence, and need to get back into the flow with your writing and your book?


Then you might need a Content Editor or Writing Coach.

Whether you’re looking for professional feedback for the beginning, middle or end phase of your writing journey, I’d love to help you. My name is Holly DeHerrera. I’m a published author, award-winning writer for Good Catch Publishing, and English/Education major and I LOVE helping other writers reach their writing goals. So how does content editing or coaching work?

Content Editing

 Note: This is big picture editing, not fine line editing or copyediting.

Content editing includes constructive feedback on story structure, organization, pacing, voice, plot development, effectiveness of communication, description, and other literary elements.

Cost:  $5.00 page/average 250 words per page/12 point font/Times New Roman


Writing Coaching Packages

Includes content editing with scheduled phone calls each month for feedback and goal setting. This option requires a monthly commitment, but can be cancelled after each month or continued on a long-term basis, contingent on the writer’s goals and budget.  This service costs 50$/hour or you may choose from any of the plans below:

Plan #1 Costs $200 a Month & Includes: 

Two 45-minute, bi-weekly conference calls per month

*  (Up to) two 10-page content edits with in-depth feedback

 Plan #2 Costs $350 a Month & Includes: 

*  Four 45-minute, weekly conference calls per month

 * (Up to) four 10-page content edits with in-depth feedback


**If you’re interested, I will provide a FREE 1-page content edit and/or an initial 30-minute phone call to ensure that you feel we can work well together.


To set up an initial call/initial content edit, click the “contact” tab below.

Please include:

 *  your name and contact information

 *  details about your work in progress that are important to you

*  what you hope to gain from this experience

 *  how much you’ve completed on your project